September 4, 2018

In order to more accurately identify our mission and purpose, effective September 8th, 2018, the Society of Our Lady Healer of Hearts will change its name to the Servants of Our Lady Healer of Hearts.

Society is defined in this case as an organization of people formed for a particular purpose. The manner in which we as members of this apostolate strive to live our lives; indeed, our very kerygma, is in stark contract to that of mainstream “society.” In this age of conflict and division, in which we are observing increasing, intense division in government, religion, and the private sector; the Servants of Our Lady Healer of Hearts is more accurately defined as a counter-culture.

By definition,...

August 28, 2018

On the 28th day of August, 2018, as the Church commemorates the feast of St. Augustine; the statue of Our Lady Healer of Hearts arrived at Kansas City International Airport.

We know from history that in his youth, St. Augustine stole merely for the sake of stealing, had a long-term affair, fathered a child outside of wedlock, and abandoned the Christian Faith.

Back then, in the eyes of most people, St. Augustine would have likely been referred to as sinful, shady, and what we commonly refer to as, “bad news.”

Through the fervent prayers of his mother, St. Monica, and inspired by a divine child-like voice instructing him to read a passage in scripture; Augustine, like the Prodigal Son, returned...

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By Father Stan Fortuna, CFR | Spiritual Director

In addition to his incredibly busy schedule, Father Stan serves as the Spiritual Director for the Society of Our Lady Healer of Hearts. We're incredibly grateful to Father Stan for his time, his prayers, and his guidance.

Fr. Stan Fortuna C.F.R. is one of the eight founding members of the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. Prior to his conversion, Fr. Stan was a professional jazz musician who studied with the legendary Lennie Tristano (the ‘father of improvisational jazz’).


While studying to enter the priesthood, Fr. Stan was working in Spanish Harlem during his formation years.  It was there that he encountered hip-hop firsthand in the street, a style he refers to as ‘rhythm and rhyme’, and was captivated by its improvisational nature. He heard people in the neighborhood ‘rap’ about their daily lives/struggles, and he soon learned how to integrate this phenomenon and technique into his own heart and music. In time and with the encouragement of his community, he developed an affinity for this art form and started using rap to reach out to the less fortunate and beyond.


The C.F.R.s adhere to an ascetic lifestyle in their friaries and live in impoverished areas around the world ministering to the needy. Fr. Stan has been involved with community development and the implementation of various social programs in his neighborhood of the South Bronx for over twenty five years when the religious order started in 1987. That same year Fr. Stan established his non-profit company Francesco Productions, mixing music and message.


Fr. Stan has since independently released over twenty (20) CD’s in various genres as well as DVDs and books. Assigned to the work of preaching full-time, Fr. Stan travels extensively across the country and around the world celebrating Mass, giving talks, and performing concerts with proceeds from bookings and sales going directly towards his work with poor and underprivileged families.

By Anna Nuzzo | Vice Moderator

Anna Nuzzo is an acclaimed International Christian Recording Artist & Singer/Songwriter known for her consoling music and beautiful prayer songs.


She has transformed many prayers into song, such as the Marian Consecration Prayer, Lord’s Prayer, Memorare, Guardian Angel Prayer, Hail Mary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Hail Holy Queen, etc.


Anna sings globally for many Retreats, Missions, Special Events and Conferences. When she is not traveling, she is Hosting an inspiring TV Series “SING 4 HIM,” filmed in Chicago for Shalom World TV, a Catholic channel reaching millions of viewers worldwide. “SING 4 HIM” features an inside look at the music of various church choirs and how giving their musical gifts back to God has enriched their faith lives and those of their congregation. Her music is played on many Catholic Radio Stations and online streaming sites such as PANDORA, Spotify, YouTube, etc. Her 3 CDs are available online.


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